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Maumee High School gave me the preparation I needed to succeed in life through helping me to learn what my passion are and how to pursue them. The teachers that I encountered helped me to get excited about what I was learning as I saw their love for the students in the classroom. These teachers became mentors by teaching me more than just the subject we studied but instead about how to be a successful life-long learner. Both inside and outside the classroom, I felt prepared for my time at college and my future where I have pursued a career in academics and hope to pass on the same passion to students I encounter.

Lynn Secondo
Maumee High School
Class of 2008

Today, more than ever before, Ohio public schools are doing more with less.

In Maumee, like communities across the state, budgets are severely strained by stagnant state funding and increasing unfunded mandates.

Maumee High School prides itself on fiscal responsibility and is vigilant in seeking cost-saving opportunities. The majority of school expenses are personnel costs. We are fortunate to have a very experienced, highly educated teaching staff. 

We have already reduced expenses and have reached the academic tipping point where additional cuts will have a significant and devastating impact on programs and services provided to students.

Because of these challenges, your gift is more important than ever.

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Legacy Gift Giving 
Want to make a legacy contribution to the Panther Pride Fundation?  Contact: with Toledo Community Foundation or Director of Development and Alumni Relations.